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Stychology Consu​ltation

A Stychology™ Inventory is used to establish your spiritual brand and innate color palette. This includes one couture guide of your choosing (wardrobe, nutrition, fitness, beauty, or romance) and a 30 minute lifestyle session.

75-minute Session

Wardrobe Curation

I will organize your wardrobe and curate three ensembles for occasions of your choosing: casual, fitness, professional, or social affairs.

Food and Meal Curation

I will organize the food in your kitchen and prepare three meals to help you attain your nutrition goals.

Fitness Curation

I will develop an exercise routine to facilitate your fitness goals.

Stychology À ​La Carte

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Beauty Curation

I will create a beauty regimen to help you attain your aesthetic goals.

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Romantic Curation

I will help you attain your relationship goals with online dating assistance, date coaching, relationship guidance, and communication cultivation.

Personal Shopping

I will build an arsenal worthy of your new lifestyle. This is an experience we can embark on together or one I will complete on your behalf.

Lifestyle Loyalty

I will curate a guide to facilitate the shift from lifestyle goals to lifestyle habits. This service includes your lifestyle guide, lifestyle strategizing, 30-minute weekly call, weekly action-items, and Infinite Rewards membership.

Inquire about our Infinite Rewards...

8 Infinity Points = Exclusive Deals

One infinity point is awarded for every successful week of your Lifestyle Loyalty guide. Infinity points can be redeemed for innovative lifestyle services with my network of experts.

Inquiring minds might wonder, how we help people curate the lifestyle they desire...

​Life is an art. Like all good artists you must discover your style; the best approach to express your individuality. 

Our role is to help clients master their artistry and transform their goals into habits through our proprietary method of Stychology™ (styling through psychology).

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