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In a world telling people they CAN'T, we are showing them they CAN...

Equipped with a repertoire of professional experience, academic insight, scientific research, and proprietary methods—we utilize our expertise to help people off-screen and on-screen.

Jane Doe - Another Co

From Digital Screen To Real-Scene We Love Connecting With Local & National Mediums...

Finding Lov​e in February

The ABCs to optimize online dating. Originally aired on the nationally syndicated show Daily Blast Live.

FASHION FIX: Spring Trends​

Spring into style with this season's Fashion ABCs. Originally aired on the nationally syndicated show Daily Blast Live.

Our Recent Work

First Date Ambience

The ABCs to help spark chemistry on a first date. Originally aired on the nationally syndicated show Daily Blast Live.

Matchmaking & Makeovers​

Helping people discover self-love and find romantic love on local and nationally syndicated shows.

Our Recent Work


Check out my cameo for the segment with CGTN America for It's Just Lunch Denver | IJL Select | EPS pertaining to how dating has been affected by the pandemic!

The Great Love Debate with Br​ian Howie

Joined the panel of the world wide sensation, The Great Love Debate (as seen on Bravo TV).

Our Published Work

December 12, 2020

Given the ongoing pandemic and the technological potholes posed by online dating, if apps aren’t appealing, there is this one last alternative: A 30-year-old entrepreneur who is a modern day Yente, right out of Fiddler on the Roof. 

September 1, 2020

BRANDAN RADER is a behavioral psychologist, entrepreneur, elite matchmaker, date coach, relationship coach, and TV personality. His mission is to help people find romantic love and discover self-love using strategic lifestyle consulting through his consulting firm, B. Eternal Consulting LLC. In this issue, Brandan gives advice on falling out of bad love. He was photographed on Detroit Street in Cherry Creek. 

September  10, 2020

Brandan is truly transforming the landscape of love and relationships as an elite Matchmaker along with being a Dating Expert and a Relationship Coach. Meet Brandan Rader, the Lifestyle Liaison who brings an innovative approach to love and relationships. Brandan is the Founder and proprietor of B. Eternal Consulting LLC, a Lifestyle consulting company that helps people curate the life they desire through habit formation.

February 17, 2017

As I sat at the Central Market in RiNo waiting for Brandan Rader, I had no idea what was about to strut through the crowded cafeteria. When I finally noticed him walking toward me, I could tell that physically he was shorter than myself — I’m 6 — foot but the confidence he exudes made him look 10 feet tall.